I too have tried spin coating. But my" equipment" was just a tad less sophisticated. An old record turntable at 33 and 70 RPM. My bigest problem was uneven thickness. T he deposit thinned the further out from the center it got. No need to say that I had no temperature control. Back then, I was working with gelatin emulsions. Now I work with modifiede PVA based emulsions, and temperature is not quite as critical. The PVA emulsions do not "set up" at low temperatures like gelatin.
Two questions: Would the cost of this equipment be prohibitive to most people? The research I have done indicat 10s of thousands of bucks for these spin coaters-used.
Can rectangular plates be spun? All the panels for microchips I have seen are circuler.
That having been asked, I am all for a try at it.