thank you Michael

My favourite project of my entire career to date is ** House Calls with my Camera ** by Dr Mark Nowaczynski . I have processed , contacted , proofed printed , and printed every image for this show. My uncle Joe was in this project and award winning NFB documentary and even today Mark is continuing on with this project. Now he is showing the solution to taking care of elders who want to stay at home with dignity, I actually feel this project is part of me and am very proud to be associated with Mark.
For those not aware of this project , this is a stunning body of work(if I may say so myself) by a incredible photographer who deserves the Order Of Canada.(I will be there shining his shoes just before he walks into the Hall)
HPF in Pyro or Microphen , printed only on Ilford Warmtone is his weapons of choice and with this he is making social change with his photographic story and lectures and social media attention.

When you spend a lot of time nurturing, debating , pontificying with photographers and you believe in each other , you can get great pleasure from working on others photo projects.
Watch for the future , a few of my long term clients are about to go big time, and I can proudly stand by them when their work is exhibited, nothing like working on well thought out and executed photo projects.
For me I can only hope to leave behind a few bodies of work that future photographers can look at and know not only who the photographer was but as well who printed the work.

I took this long term approach at the beginning of my personal small business and am happy that I did.
The printing of fibre prints is a very small part of my business and is the most enjoyable aspect of running our small business here in Canada. We prefer to work on large projects over longer periods of time , rather than individual print orders.

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I have to admit, Bob, I admire the fact you can find some personal satisfaction in printing for others, rather than it being a total drag strictly to put food on the table. I would never want to print other peoples' pictures, even periodically. It would just be drudgery to me.