Sorry , Marks film of choice is HP5, he is mostly photographing with a Linhof Technika, sometimes using flash bulbs for a bit of bounce open light.

Usually before and most importantly we discuss the first round of film and contacts. I like the never ending projects for obvious financial reasons.
Seriously though , if you have a project that moves you then it can be a life long obsession, some of my clients are very obsessive with their photography. google Ryan Pyle , now this young man is really committed.

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Bob your costumer relationship sounds like a good approach. As I've never heard of Dr Mark Nowaczynski or his project before I googled him and quiet liked what I saw both aesthetically and the projects goals. I am wondering do you often discuss projects with photographers prior to the projects beginning or only during the project or after it has been completed? Forgive my stupidity but was is HPF?