My newwest batch is 0.25 M, based on the MW of AgNO3. Would 100 grams be enough to do all the tesing you would like to do?.
I will supply it in a light-proof container. Refridgeration is not required.. It is a blue sensitive emulsion in its current form. My "standard" developer is undiluted Kodak D19 for 8.5 minutes..
I do not have any glass plates that would fit your coating machine, as my usual plate size is 5"X7". Maybe someone who is sending you a sample could send you some 4"X5" plates. I think that your amber safe lights should suffice for this emulsion.
I am quite excited about this emulsion because, even with extended soaks in developer, it shows no signe of fogging.
I will get this off to you tomorow, Thurday.
Many thanks for your intrest and desire to help,