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Everything seems correct. There is a wash between bleach and fix but NO WASH between dev and bleach. If you insist adding a wash, then you must add an acid stop first, but it really is not necessary, just go directly to bleach. As a final wash after the fix, I would recommend at least seven wash cycles in Jobo. No matter how long you wash, you will get some pink color in the FR/STAB, but if it is deep pink or magenta, that's a sign of insufficient final wash.

Prewash is a matter of taste. It's a good way to temper the films quickly. BUT, you have to use two wash cycles. One might not be enough to get the temperature up. Measure the latter one carefully to 37.8 or 37.9. Be quick but drain well before developer not to dilute it. If you are going to reuse the developer for several times, I would skip prewash because of accumulating dilution. If you do dry preheat, use a long enough time. Go with 10 minutes to be sure.

Yes, the washes are of same temperature. But, only the developer (and maybe the last prewash cycle) are critical. Other steps, including washes, may vary several degrees without effects.

Yes, use the same 570-600 ml for washes, too.

A tip (if you use Jobo Lift): if possible, prepare a larger amount of final rinse/stab and do it outside of processor. If not possible, detach the tank, fill carefully with a funnel, insert the tank back manually etc. This way, you don't need to wash the processor lift system again from the stab residue, as it is already washed by the final wash.
I've wondered about that a bit myself when doing my prewash. Would a dry preheat consist of weighing down the tank to be submerged in the tempering water bath? I might like to try that method since it usually takes 10-15 minutes for my chems to get up to temp anyway.