In a recent list of big sellers in goods made here in the US, the top item is military aircraft and the second is vacuum tubes. Yes, the old analog standard, vacuum tubes.

But, I have posted this before, and that is that we are a service economy here in the US (one service is actually our superb medical system if you don't mind paying for it). At the rate we are going, and with our current education system, we will be a 3rd world nation in a generation!

The whiz bang economists and business admin people are driving some of this and the poor education in hard science is driving more people into becoming economists and BA people. But, this is not the place for the long story. They even alluded to it on NBC news about 1 month ago as contributing to the big unemployment where there are a lot of BA, Accountant, and Social Workers looking for jobs and one company can't hire engineers and tool and die workers due to lack of education and math skills.

Sorry for the rant.