Hello everyone! I just joined this site since I have a renewed interest in analog photography. I used to work with my mother (a professional photographer) in the darkroom when I was tiny, even took some neat shots and made some good prints! The past few years, I've experimented with various BW films, papers, color C-41, color slide, even some medium format, and eventually moved into digital. While I still shoot digital quite a bit, I've decided I was happier with what I used to do in the darkroom, so I'm getting back into shooting film, especially B&W.

My camera is a Canon AE-1 that has served me well for years! It gets squeaky every once in a while and goes in for repair, but otherwise, I'm very happy with it. Lately I've been using Tri-X 400 (because I had a 100ft roll in the freezer) and Rodinal (R09, actually). I still have some Kodak RC paper, so I've been printing on that.

I don't have a darkroom at home, but I work at a public school (in the business office), and they are glad to let me use the high school darkroom. The high school darkroom is a much nicer space than I could ever build at home, so I'm not even considering setting up a darkroom of my own!