Ive got a Kodak Retina IIIc, its a nice compact and classy folding range finder that wont break the bank, with a good set of lenses. Though I think my shutter winding lever is stripped of its teeth, a common problem that makes it unable to wind. needs to be fixed.

I also have a Zeiss Super Ikonta IV that has a 75mm tessar f3.5 lens. A very well made folder for medium format. but sadly this also needs a CLA, as the focus is really stiff now and theres a bit of fungus in the lens.

There are tons of classic range finders out there, but be sure to check them out, as they can come with many problems, or develop them only after a brief time using them. CLAs are recommended to get the best use of any classic camera, and may make what seems like a dim range finder be very bright.

good luck on your hunt.