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Oh we Americans know too much about socialism. We see every single european country (including Germany and Austria) in fiscal trouble. It's sad that you socialists are running out of someone else's money, and all your countries are going the way of Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and even England, where they too are in financial straits. Yes. They. Are. And the way of socialism causes the populations to forget self-initiative, and develop an entitlement mentality...thus the nanny state...they have all been trained to EXPECT the government to step in and "solve their problems"...immoral, to be sure, to be sure, to be sure.

Still, our system over here in the USA is bad, terrible. In short it is because doctors are greedy bastards, and so are the drug makers. Everyone in the medical field are greedy and demand massive pay, and little compasion.
The US debt is much worse than socialist Germany...or Canada.

Interesting that capitalist doctors and drug makers charging what they do is an ethical and not an economic problem. If you do not like their services, in a fee market, choose another way. Because we don't want the nanny state government to impede on market choices, right?