I wasn't sure under which category I should post this, so I thought I'd post it here.

I'm in a sort of quandary regarding my remaining Hasselblad stuff, which I'd posted for sale on Craigslist. I'd also posted to the Hasselblad User Group (HUG) listserv for their "For Sale Friday messages. One fellow, on the HUG listserv, wrote me to discuss "my future in MF," as he put it. Subsequent emails back and forth seemed to imply he'd be willing to donate one of his 500C/Ms (he switched wholly to digital, rendering all of his film cameras surplus), but based on the most recent email, I'm left wondering, because it never broached the subject of ANY kind of gift or donation. I'd only turn blue if I held my breath for him to do as I inferred. The quandary is this: Should I continue offering my remaining Hasselblad stuff for sale, or hold off pending the (possible) donation of a 500 C/M from this fellow with whom I've been corresponding?

Perhaps I'm reading more into his emails than I should; I don't know. However, having been lied to in the recent past by someone who promised something, and then reneged on said promise, has left me skeptical about others' offers of help, assistance, or promises of something tangible (such as a 500C/M, as in this case).

Dieter Zakas
Quandary, NJ