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I'm on the hug list and saw your post and the subsequent replies.
It certainly looked like you might be in for some kind soul to help you out.

The internet is a funny place. How this turns out is hard to say.
I would hold off on selling anything as long as you can.

You have to understand my skepticism.

While his intentions appear legitimate and sincere, a relatively recent episode in which a fellow, whom my girlfriend and I helped with no expectation of reward, left us feeling betrayed and hurt. He'd promised us a large sum of money - into the low five figures - to express his gratitude for helping him, and to help us get back on our feet, because we were living in a motel at the time.

That experience left a sour taste in our mouths, which is why I'm skeptical of this person's discussions. Part of me says he won't deliver on what I feel is an inferred or implied offer or promise. For all I know, he could be blowing smoke out his ass! (He went in for valve-replacement surgery this week, so it may be a while before he gets back to me.)

Dieter Zakas