There appears to be some confusion here.

My "Hassy gear," while sounding like a huge collection, never was as large as it may have seemed: One body, one lens, a total of three A12 backs and two Polaroid backs, plus an assortment of accessories, e.g., filters, flashes, prism finder, etc.

The purpose of selling off the camera kit was to raise deperately-needed funds to save our storage unit. That was successfully accomplished. All that remains is the "rubble" of a modest, but maintained, Hasselblad collection.

My goal was NEVER to "upgrade" to another Hassy model; the 500C/M I sold had been serviced/overhauled by Hassy USA shortly after I bought it in 2005, and it performed well.

My point was, based on impressions I got from communicating with this individual, that he was going to give me a surplus Hassy, by implication a complete kit, so that I could continue shooting.

Dieter Zakas