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I am interested in developing c-41 at home and am after some information about what chemicals I will need and what volumes. I have considered a kit however I plan to develop many rolls and I think buying the chemicals in greater quantity will be more economical. I have looked at the site of Vanbar http://www.vanbar.com.au/catalogue/i...m3=FILM&brand= however I am confused as to what chemicals I need and what volumes.

If anyone has any advice on which/how much chemical combinations they use that would be great. Also if there is any other suppliers of chemicals there are. The sydney vanbar do not stock much however they are able to order things if I have a specific list.

I used to do a lot of C41 when I was at uni (20 years ago now), I used Agfa kits as they came in 1 litre kits. I stored all of my chems in swing top Grolsch bottles under the laundary sink. I have used Tetenal kits with no issues since, but as I hardly use colour neg film I have not had the need to process.

I have never been too critical on my temperture controls as I have processed my 35mm in a paterson tank two rolls at a time. Tried to keep the ambient room temp within 5 degrees of the developer temp. I would store the chemistry such that I would 500ml (1 grolsch bottle) at a time and process 6 films from it. Once 6 films processed discard and start on the next bottle. From memory there is a time compensation in the instructions for subsequent films being processed, but I might be wrong.

Trust this is of some use to you.