I process C-41 at home a couple times a month. I use Kodak chemicals. Here is the list:

Flexicolor LU Developer Replenisher LORR Cat# 153 4718 You need a starter with this.
Flexicolor Developer Starter LORR Cat# 848 5153
Flexicolor SM Tank Bleach Cat # 882 4690 I think this size is more economical. You have to buy a case of two bottles 2.7L each. No mixing. good capacity.
Flexicolor Fixer and Replenisher Cat # 169 3837 This size isn't available anymore. The next size up is 5 gallons, still priced very reasonable.
Flexicolor Final Rinse and Replenisher Cat # 867 3170

I started using the LORR developer because it was available locally and I'm locked into it because I have a case of the starter. You mix up a replenisher solution of the developer and the fixer and then mix a working solution from that. I mix up a liter at a time and usually process 6 or 8 rolls. I replenish after every 2 rolls until I run out of replenisher. Fixer capacity is about 10 rolls per liter unreplenished. The final rinse is the same. The developer has about half the capacity unreplenished. I don't know the capacity of the bleach, but it is a lot.

I hope this helps.