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Which of these solenoids should I get? 1" travel, continous is what i'm guessing.i'd like to keep it under $35 if possible.
I'd like 12v but I don't know how big of a 12v battery would be needed.
They seem to list the power consumption in watts and offer two different voltage ratings. You could determine the current by dividing the watts by the volts; e.g., a 6 watt solenoid on 12 volts would draw 0.5 amps. That's a pretty significant current -- no transistor radio batteries! Probably C or D cells, or maybe a rechargeable sealed lead-acid gel cell battery, would be suitable candidates. I would be a bit concerned about the mechanical interface too. A really powerful solenoid with a long stroke could possibly damage the shutter. This might suggest some sort of spring or other stretchy element to separate the solenoid motion a bit from the shutter trigger. Or perhaps some adjustable stop could be used. Those old mechanical self timer accessories typically had a sort of telescoping fitting with lock ring adjustment to set the actuator stroke depth.

This could turn into quite an exercise -- though perhaps fun.