Les and everyone else if they are not asleep by now,

Aristo makes the VCL 4500 with the green and blue lights. I agree that this is best way to attack the VC problem. I neglected to mention the Zone VI head because, as an old fart, I forgot. I have printed with the Zone VI and the Aristo heads and both do a very good job. The Zone VI does cover up to 5x7 and that is a very good reason to own one if you shoot 5x7. Be advised that both systems are painfully expensive.

In zone system language, one would process the film to a density of 1.2 >fb+f with a condenser head and to a density of 1.3 >fb+f at zone VIII. This will account for the one grade softer print with the cold light. The way I see it the bit about density of the negative is not really total rubbish to use your words. If you have a cold light with the old style tube, Aristo will sell you a newer tube (light source) that will be closer to the VC Paper response. It has more yellow in it. This is the V54 light I mentioned in the post above. There were several versions of the cold light tube but the most common (I think?) of the old styles is the V45. That was the one that everyone attempted to use with the 40 yellow cc filters. It is the one that should be replaced unless you can find graded papers you like and plan to use.