Just thought I'd stop in (actually forgot I had an apug account :/ ) and let everyone know I motorized my lomokino with a cordless drill. APUG doesn't let me post links but search for motorized lomokino and it should show up on youtube.

I'm doing a lot more shooting with it in the upcoming week... bulk loading some 5248 shortends and wastage. It's ability to use wastage is what I like most about it. It's biggest weakness isn't the short loads, 5 second daylight loads ought to be enough for anyone shooting a music video... but it's the lack of registration and the very short/ nonexistant take-up loop... so when driven at higher speeds the film is still moving with the shutter being open. ... however I only have expired film to work with and processing in caffenol so I'm happy with more than 4 shades of gray

One think I've noticed while bulk loading is that the metal canisters work a lot better...the plastics were binding. I'm yet to checkito make sure full 36exp self loads work... 24exp do...

Obviously if you buy commercial rolls and have a lab process then this gets to be a very expensive toy.

The hardest thing for me to get used to is having to rewind a movie camera