Hey, guys,

Recently a bunch of us have managed to get hold of the C6R chemicals from Fujihunt that's the equivalent of Kodak's E-6 process. We developed our chromes using either phototherm or Jobo equipments. After a few initial failures with over-active reversal baths, most of the developed slides are looking very good. Just to be anal about the process, I've run the the Kodak's E-6 control strip through these chemicals, and I seemed to have hit a wall with the slight bluish tint on the LD and HD portion of the strip. This is inline with the observation that some of slides developed carried a tiny bit of bluish tint.

I have tried various means to try to correct the problems - lowering the reversal bath concentration, to slightly varying the proportion of Part A and B of the color developers, and even adding sodium hydroxide to the color developers. All these changes didn't change the result of the control strip too much - which in one way, is great news - it shows just how robust the E6 process is; but the bad news is that i am unable to hit the nail of the problem to get the TD and HD square to the same neutral gray found on the reference strip.

Just wondering if you guys have any pointers on what could be the issue here? Would adding starter solutions to the First Developer and Color Developer help?