Been on this website off and on for a couple years, but never posted...
Just getting into using mf lenses and having a really great time with them.
Had a Tamron-F 85-250 lens I recently sold. Very nice lens, but my others
took precedence. Have a Tamron Adaptall-2 35-70 with some haze. I
really like its pictures when the haze isn't showing, but I need to find someplace
to get it cleaned that does not charge an arm-and-a-leg!
I don't think the lens is worth that much.

Do have a lovely Vivitar (Kino) 135 f2.8 I am trying to learn to use. The
distance is a bit strange for me, however. Also have a very good copy of
the Nikkor 200 f4 ais lens. Sold the 200 f4 micro, and 105 f4 micro...
Now trying to find a sharp 28 f2 ai nikkor and I think I will be done for a
while. The other FL's are af lenses...
so now you know as much as I do!