I don't know if they would take a credit card order, but we can order any of them for you if you want through Soundwave Research if they won't. Some are very expensive but usually not much of it is needed. Not all of the dyes are of the centrosymmetric type, and I only have experience with a few of them that we used as precise spectral markers for development of ratiometers and spectrometers. Like this one http://new55project.blogspot.com/201...sa-poster.html

Maybe, just maybe, that company would be interested in an organized exploration of other applications addressable with their product line, if conducted by a qualified scientist. In return for sharing the information, they could supply samples to be used in a planned experiment, something like that. Depends on who asks. If it was the GEH and PE I would think they would be honored, or at least polite.