You throw down an interesting gauntlet, Whitey.

I have been a PHSNE member for 25+ years. There have been some PHSNE sponsored events that are particularly memorable to me, including:
A New York City trip (early Saturday to late Sunday) that included a chance to go to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island an hour before the public was allowed—I took some great shots at Ellis of a vacant Great Hall:
A field trip to the George Eastman House in Rochester where we were given almost-unlimited access to their vaults;
A lecture and demonstration of how a daguerreotype is made by Robert Schlaer (who then took, and processed, a daguerreotype of the group);
Alan Kattelle showing early silent films from the Edison studio with a carbon arc lamp (wild stuff) Edison projector;
Meeting people like Sam Raymond (who built the cameras used to find Titanic, among other things);
A lecture by Dr. Brad Washburn (a nice guy) from the Boston Museum of Science on how he mapped Mount Everest using aerial photography;
Some of the amazing rarities that people bring to meetings for “show and tell”.

I had to attend a week of school at the University of Arizona in Tucson years ago, and I told someone from PHSNE that I planned on checking out the Center for Creative Photography one afternoon. When I arrived at the Center, there was a welcome posting for me on the announcement board as I entered! I asked the person at the desk what was up with that, and they treated me like royalty (I think Jack Naylor made a phone call on my behalf). The highlight was when they handed me a pair of cotton gloves and I was allowed to go through their Ansel Adams collection of prints-a memorable day.

We know who the PHSNE members are in the area, but do we know who the APUG members are? That might help. Sticking together is a “no brainer” in my book.

I have always been surprised that we (APUG and PHSNE) do not coordinate with area camera clubs more, especially with instructional programs.