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I wouldn't be so sure. It could also put a negative spin on the whole film and accelerate the exodus.
Our best look at that, since Fuji and Ilford reps probably won't come on here and level with us about long-term strategy, is the product price increases that we see. I would expect huge bumps in price if indeed the end is near (for reasons I mentioned above). For the most part, we're not seeing that.

(There are some weird, off-scale prices in Australia, but I am guessing that has more to do with distribution inside the country than supply from the companies.)

If total demand is relatively stable then I expect that prices will also be fairly stable. If the -30% Kodak number were also being felt by Ilford and Fuji then their prices should go up sharply and very soon.

That we haven't see this yet suggests to me that this is mostly an issue with Kodak. Let's see.