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Agreed. And what Kodak should be doing is cashing in on that reputation. Rather than spending to try to make a new one based on products that could take a decade to get a foothold.

Seems to me the best way to put the film brand to rest is to make a formal commitment to provide certain products for 5 years. This is not a commitment to keep prices constant, on the contrary. But it is a reaffirmation that they see need for their product and they will stand by it. That would stop the migration to other brands and raise funds for more orderly scaledown.

Probably too late for this approach though

Longer term, Kodak needs a company like Apple or RIM to help them get into the social network arena, they are going to be absolutely screwed if they keep throwing investment into print-at-home media.

Very short term, I don't see why they couldn't land a big fat contract to provide printers to public schools or such. I am a card-carrying free-market Libertarian, but when it comes down to keeping people's jobs and preserving our competitiveness, this is what it takes. This is now an issue of national defense, the way I see it.
Ayn Rand would say "Bye, bye Kodak".

Saving jobs that the market cannot save is to tamper with the free market, and in the long run, does no one any favors. This country does not need one more subsidized company.