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Again, I am as pro-free-market as they come, but at some point we'll be back in the alphabet soup of the 1930s, looking for any job we can find, if we don't quickly act to preserve what little sci & tech manufacturing base that what we have.

And my suggestion is not to create a handout for Kodak. A contract such as I describe is not a subsidy. A contract would be configured to pay market price for what Kodak does, and the bid would be competitively reviewed. And if Kodak's printer offerings do indeed represent a big potential cost savings for government, then it is totally appropriate for agencies to look at that and proceed with an investment in all due haste.
It seems to me such a contract might help save Kodak, but will it stimulate the market toward Kodak printers? I doubt it. Without the buying public creating demand for Kodak products, government contracts aren't going to help them. And besides, what if HP or some other brand competes for the contract, and they come in lower/better? Now where does that leave Kodak?

i think we all might have to just face facts; that Kodak might not be saveable. I would guess that the film business unit will be spun off or sold off and only in the form of an independent autonomous business can Kodak film survive and be profitable, but only as a boutique/specialty type concern (selling very high priced products in low volume).