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I don't think it has started to level off. The reason? There is more old people stopping shooting film than young people starting. I will say that in maximum 5 years the majority of the generation of old people photographing with film camereas has stopped doing so. The next generation of old people started to use digital when they were younger, so they will not have any problem with using a basic p&s camera. When that transition is over the things will level out, maybe even increase a little again.

But there is hope. I do see young people starting to shoot film with Holga, Diana and so on. The chance for them getting more interested in film is huge. Another thing, when everybody has a dSLR there is a certain amount of people/photographers/artists that don't want to be mainstream, film is therefore an obvious choice. And yeah, spending time doing craftmanship in the darkroom is so much more fun than spending hours editing photos in PS.
Old people? The huge decline in film use resulted largely from the switch to digital by professionals at least 7-8 years ago. They kept the labs open for the rest of us by shooting miles of film every month. Not sure about your market but this is how things worked in N. America.

Toy camera use won't goose up the trend line in film consumption to any meaningful extent. And no, reverse snobbery isn't going to help much either.