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Just a real shame. I've always been a Kodak fan and supporter. One would be hard pressed to find better products of such consistent quality. Just a shame.
Nothing wrong with consistent quality with Ilford and Fuiji sorry Kodak friends !(though one among them! Bought 25 rolls 120 TMY (( and 25 rolls 120 Acros 100 this afternonen)))

If just ONE company could produce, say, a set of (50)-100-400 ISO reasonable B/W film emusions, and say one reasonable set of 100-200 (400) ISO neg colour film (slide filme is history, I suppose) to a, in same sense, reasonable price (*) , that wouuld be enough the rest WE CAN DO OURSELVES!
(*) In Europa we pay roughly 3x US price for fuel, and we can live with that, and we also drive cars.