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It seems to me such a contract might help save Kodak, but will it stimulate the market toward Kodak printers? I doubt it. Without the buying public creating demand for Kodak products, government contracts aren't going to help them. And besides, what if HP or some other brand competes for the contract, and they come in lower/better? Now where does that leave Kodak?
It's not a long term solution, I am just saying that govt work might help them pick up some of the pieces, spin them off, and remain solvent. As for HP and the other printer companies, Kodak claims to have a much lower cost solution. If that's true then this'd be the thing.

Anyway that was just one example of the kind of approach that I think is needed to help Kodak... but not necessarily film. Film is not going to save Kodak, but they can save their film brands for a few more years and throw their longtime customers a little bone, if they so choose.