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I know, but I speak about todays market. The majority of film usage left in the consumer market here is by old people, so I don't think the decline will steady out before they have stopped photographing because of aging, broken cameras or passing away. And I don't know how long there will be supply of the discontinued APS film, still selling it every day.

When this transition in the photographic market is over the decline wills steady out. But I don't know anything about the movie/film industry, so that can others comment on.
Funny but here in Canada, seniors embraced digital enthusiastically. I'm far from old but when I'm hauling my medium format stuff around, it's seniors I see with newish DSLRs and various digital p&s. Most in the 18-24 demographic settle for phone cams. Seniors jumped at digital here for the apparent economy and freedom from the expense and trouble of development and printing.