Kenny Rogers is a published photographer? I had no idea. Is he any good?

Hmm, assuming the conversation is going to skew photographic, I think I'd want to focus on people with ideas, and also avoid people with well-known unswerving opinions. For instance, for all his many virtues, I don't know that AA would be a very desirable photographic conversationalist---his writing, at least, reads to me like someone who lives in a mode of "arrive at the right solution first, then articulate it and be done". On the other hand, Robert Capa's writing suggests that he must have been a hell of a raconteur, so even though I'm not sure he was much for talking about photography (he seems more like the go-out-and-do-it type), I think I want him at the table for social reasons.

OK: Capa, Weegee, Man Ray, and Werner Bischof; my great-grandfather Dick Millard, and one photographer of his choice. (Bischof is a bit of a leap in the dark; I like his work, its voice *seems* like someone I'd like personally, but I have no real idea of the personality behind the camera.)