Fuji will be an issue within the next 24 months. Film culture is very strong in Japan, more than perhaps anywhere else on the planet. It's hard to say if Fuji can cost-shift film production costs from other areas out of a sense of loyalty and probably near-monopoly. Very tough to see because there is obviously a very deep commitment to film as it made Fuji as much as it made Kodak. Fuji is just better managed.
Where's your source for this? As someone who lives in Japan I can say (anectodally) that digital is everywhere -- all the old film guys have switched over, and I have yet to see a young Japanese photographer shooting film. BUT...I live in a small city and still can get slide film processed within a couple of hours, and can buy a limited selection of slide, negative, and black and white film in 135 and 120 formats, so there must be some demand.

I have no particular loyalty to any one manufacturer -- Kodak, Fuji, Ilford all make great films -- but a loss of one hurts all. Competition is good for business (not just film!) and good for customers. I came back to Japan in 2010 after a 5-year hiatus and was shocked at how many of the old camera and film shop disappeared in that time. And in the almost two years that I've been here, I've seen film stocks decline by almost half in most shops that I've visited in half a dozen cities across the country (especially Tokyo). Until recently it was better than anything I've seen in North America or Europe, but now I'm not so sure.