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Yes, exposures will change, Think in terms of "instantaneous" exposure. Assuming ISO 100-400 film.
Well, yes and no. With the f/128 pinhole body cap on my Spotmatic, I can hand hold in outdoor daylight conditions -- 1/60 in sunny, down to about 1/4 second ("stormy", heavy clouds or deep shade, or late afternoon with lighter cloud or shade), using Tri-X at EI 1600 for later treatment with Diafine.

With the much slower pinholes common in larger cameras (typically f/300 to f/400) and without pushing film, you're looking at "Sunny 16" exposures on ISO 400 of something like one second (without accounting for reciprocity failure); slower film or less bright conditions will naturally require longer exposures. Generally, you can use a lens cap for your shutter with most pinhole cameras except with the fastest films and largest holes. Now, this is as opposed to many minutes or even an hour or more with the same camera setup and printing paper (which is closer to ISO 3-6 range, relative to film speeds, than ISO 10).