Sorry I cannot answer this one properly.... I did not get into printing for the money. The OP knows or should know if it will work, no matter what the economic situation is - good times come and go, its the OP's desire to make it happen is what's important. If you have to ask how to do it I doubt there is much chance of success IMO, I started Silver Shack in a recession, 20 years later we are in another one.

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Even if you're a great printer, I doubt you'll make much money, if anything at all. The greatest printers in the world still struggle to survive and even then, they have to adjust to market demands in some capacity (offer film/print scanning services, teaching photography workshops, etc.) and do not strictly do printing and film developing in the darkroom. I hope Bob Carnie will chime into this thread at some point with his experiences in Toronto and his knowledge of the printing industry.