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Hmm great question!

I would place Ansel in charge of carving the turkey and make sure that his carving knife is very sharp and that he is sitting close, very close, to Antonio Perez. I would of course position Weegee on the other side of Perez. Next to Ansel would be myself, because I want to see if I can beat Weegee to the scene of the crime.

I think Henri would be very quiet so I would put him next to Weegee, and I think Henri would enjoy having Man Ray at his side, and next to Brigitte Bardot. Beside Bardot would be Edward Weston, and at his side would be Karl Marx. Next to Karl would be none other than Imogene Cunningham, and then George Eastman. Beside George would be Ron Mowrey, who would sit next to Julia Child. Between Julia and myself would be Andre Kertesz.

And and all my friends on APUG would be invited too, of course

Hahah excellent! +1