1.Brassai, French night photographer 1930s.

2.O.W.Link, American night photographer of trains, 1950s

3. E.O.Hoppe, British industrial/landscape photographer, 20s-40s.

4. Andrew J. Sullivan, American photograher Civil War, Western railroads 1860s-1870s

5. Edouard Baldus, French photographer of landscapes, architecture, railroads 1840s to 1860s.

6. Fox Talbot, British. I'd like to ask him if photography turned out anywhere near what he predicted.

I love night photography and am also into historical cameras. I also photo a lot of trains. I could have added Richard Steinheimer, Mel Patrick, and Shaunessey--all of whom are more modern night time railroad photographers. I actually have had lunch with David Plowden in recent years, twice.

Kent in SD