For travel, I keep my Hasselblad equipment in a couple of beater Halliburton cases. When I go out for a shoot, I take what I need in a Lowepro backpack. Although mine (model number unknown) was, I believe, designed to be used to carry a 35mm/DSLR system, it works well for carrying my Blads. I just move and adjust the padded inserts to conform to whatever I happen to be carrying. The pack - when used for 35mm excursions - is large enough to carry both 300mm F2.8 and 400mm F3.5 Nikkor telephotos as well as a host of shorter lenses, so it definitely has carrying capacity. I would suggest taking a look at Lowepro's (as well as those offered by other manufacturers) offerings; having used one for several years, I have found the backpack setup to be far easier on the shoulder(s) and posture than a shoulder bag.