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Any sugestions on what seems to work well for carrying a Hasselblad kit (2 bodies/back and 60, 80 & 150 mm lenses). Bill Barber
Bill I don't have the same system but i do have a large Blad system and I store five backs,one regluar body, one motorized body two polaroid backs, extension tube set, five lenses, hoods , filters, accessories and other components in a F64 rolling case which works extremely well. I use a Domke Original bag for a on the go smaller kit. I use a second Domke smaller bag for additional gear if I need to take along additional stuff. I might add that the Domke postal shoulder pad is very advantageous for helping offset the Blad weight. If I decide to use a back pack I use a standard North Face backpack with good shoulder straps and sternum strap. I load the gear wrapped with equipment wraps and place a section of dense foam in the bottom of the pack.