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I'd rather wait a few minutes for a splice than get a refund and figure out what to do with the wasted time I set aside for the movie.
I found myself employed to check out the cinema which was engaged to screen the Sydney premiere of Jane Campion's Academy Award winning "The Piano" on the afternoon before the VIP invite screening. Everything was going fine until the lead actor suddenly leaped across the screen about 15 feet in the space of 2 frames.

Of course I flew up to the projection box to ask why there was a splice and the projectionist (who was running 3 other shows at the same time, as they do) said something like "Oh yeah, we had a bit of a crunch there, but don't worry it's a good splice" I fear that Ms Campion would have spliced his gonads (and mine) if that had happened at the premiere.

Fortunately we did find another print, well worn but intact. It just required cleaning to get rid of the dust that release prints acquire.

Now that isn't going to happen with a digital projector.