Not exactly the same thing, but this reminded me of something I saw today: a retro-cabinet LP player at Target. I think it also plays CDs and MP3s, but the main feature was the big platter sittin' right on top. We have an old cabinet hi-fi that my wife and I are thinking about dusting off... maybe see how well it still works. If it does pretty well, we'll start looking for some old vinyl to spin on 'er.

As for the topic at hand, I'm still thinking movie film can survive the same way stills can... even a small, yet active group of people can keep an industry alive, even with far smaller numbers than during the heyday. Aviation is an example of sorts. In fact, a lot of pilots I know are also still using film cameras. The guy I bought my Canonet and Kowas from flies an Aeronca, among other things.