I'd like to comment on the original topic, when I saw this a couple days ago I thought wow! tough question. My wife and I where at the rennaissance fair a couple of weeks ago, as we were leaving we were faced with a sea of cars. when we got to the car Karen ask me "how did you know where the car was?"I said "I followed my feet". At first, It's great, this camera makes pictures, all you have to do is push a button. then as we refine we learn the technical, then we refine the conceptual and we soon have a viscious cycle, all along we're shooting images and evolving. At some point the technical becomes a given. At this point your instints have the freedom to kick in. You also have a huge backlog of experiances (film) that have dictated the answers as to what your interests are and I'm sure a couriosity for new experiances. Sooo Follow your feet!