[QUOTE=BradS;1286349]I googled Konica SD-28 and found a web page entitled "Seventy-six years of D-76". It appears to be an exact copy of an article I remember reading some years ago on Ryuji Suzuki's silvergrain website. The copy is found at http://jeffreysoper.com/node/101. I cannot find the article on Ryuji's site any longer....

As far as I can tell, the copy does not give attibutibution or cite Suzuki anywhere.

It looks like blatant plagiarism to me but, maybe...????[/QUOT

He's obviously aware of Suzuki's work and cites it here(http://jeffreysoper.com/node/105)but the link's dead.
Think he's just lazy/sloppy rather than deceitful.
Call him into your office?