Thank you guys so so much for your help...IT's all brilliant advice.

At the moment I have the waist level view-finder and the non-metered prism. Just one back which I plan to rectify so I can swap out my films. The standard 75mm lens with hood and a tripod. I always find with my 35mm systems that I stick with the nicest 50mm lenses so I understand I'm probably not that far away with the 75mm? is that correct? I've also ordered a cable release so that I can really get the most out of the tripod. I'd like to get the speed grip too but at the moment it's lower down the list of priorities.

I know it would probably help me out if I made it as similar as possible to the 35mm slr's but I get the impression I wouldn't be as careful as I should be unless I have an almost completely different set up.

I was in love with it the second that I looked down on the waist level viewfinder. I'm so damn proud to own one!

I found butkus' manual, what a hero. I'll definitely be paying him his dues.

Thanks again and if there's anything else you fancy throwing my way as far as info goes then I'm glad to here all of it.