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I didn't realize Colormount wasn't archival though. Now I'm confused. I think I'll ask John Sexton what he uses. I can't remember for sure.
I believe I saw John, and Anne, use Colormount, when I attended their workshop in November, with no complaints or negative comments, about it.

There are several types of tissue still made by/for HotPress, in UK. One of their products, called Artsafe 200, is used by some museums over here (http://www.hotpress.co.uk/PDFs/Artsa...0610%20web.pdf). I have never used that tissue, as I have been pretty happy with their Unimount, which, I believe, is as non-archival as Colormount would be. Or as archival, if you prefer.

I don't know of any studies that comprehensively look at the performance of the entire sandwich of mat boards and tissues, rather than of focus on just one aspect of a component. Anyone?