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Now that I look at google maps, it looks like it was S.E Denver Camera Repair between Florida and Arkansas.

The antiques? They were ok, I guess. My wife was looking for what you might call accent pieces, something to jazz up the place. There were a couple of early Kodak Brownies (the almost-cardboard ones) in real good shape that were mighty tempting and a Kodak 6x9 folder that I was all ready to get until I saw it was 620 and not 120. I didn't want the trouble for 620. Since then I have been hearing it might not be all that much so much bother.

Still wondering - has anybody used this guy?
Wonder if this guy had Rocky Mountain Camera Repair years ago. They fixed for me a 105mm that had rolled off a 100' cliff onto the scree field. In the rain. Took two of us two hours to find it. Bent hood, bent filter ring and a crushed focusing ring. This was over twenty years ago. I'll go in this week and ask him. Don't know if he's a wizard but if he still has his chops he'd be pretty darn good.