Moose they use amongst other things film and of course the aformentioned magnetic tapes as well as at least five severs on 5 different earthquake zones. The files are constantly converted to archival file formats meaning images to TIF and the rest to PDF/A unfortunately film (motion pictures) doesn't currently have a worldwide digital archival standard but several that change every year. Converting a file to PDF/A reduces it to a read only file format links don't work etc... Germany, Austria and maybe the US store a lot of digital data on film. The Rosetta Stone project would be the best solution but way to expensive. The most expensive thing to preserve in an archive is digital data everything including film storage is cheap compared to digital long term preservation. A lot of digi guys and archivst have to go to specialised fleamarkets and buy 20-30 year old computers to be able to view and migrate their data. Some of they digi Archivs have to costume build adapters to use old data storage devises on their computers they also have to program emulators to be able to view the data.

But again I don't think APUG is the right place to discuss these things.