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I was born with a severe case of the astronomy bug, and I do mean severe. There was a lunar eclipse back in the mists of time, and after it was over I said to my self that I had to capture the next one in a camera so I could enjoy it after it was over. This was maybe age 9. Afraid of catching an equally severe backhand for cultivating an interest other than football, I asked for a camera for Christmas without explaining the reason why. So on the sacred day I received a Kodak 110 Instamatic along with a precious roll of 110 cartridge film that came as part of the kit. I secretly photographed the moon (not during an eclipse) with it through the eyepiece of my older brother's little 30mm Alt-Az spotting scope (the little green one with the black eyepiece section - can you picture it?). After the film was exposed and pulled out of the camera I realized that I did not know what was next. A few leading questions to my older sister and I learned that film had to go to the drugstore and it would cost several dollars. Several dollars! OMG - I was not about to ask the old man for that. Not gonna happen. So I wrapped the film in foil and saved it until I could afford to have it developed. Never did happen, but finally during high school I became friends with a boy who had a darkroom and could develop black and white film. I still have my first shots of Jupiter and his moons somewhere. From astrophotography, it was a natural progression to plain old daylight photography. To this day around half of my shots are taken at night. That's how it all happened for me.


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Do you know what triggered your interest in photography? I can remember my grandfather taking a picture of us in his garden with a box brownie when I was about 5 years old and thinking what is that box and how does it work. Do others have a recollection of what started their interest?