Out of the blue on the weekend, I got an enquiry about an image that I took a few years ago, which has been on my website for quite a while. Its an action shot from a classic rally and was shot on 35mm hp5+. The person wanted to know if they could get a 16x20 enlargement of the image.

While it is an action shot and the grain most certainly adds to the charm, I am a bit apprehensive about enlarging it that big (I'm also apprehensive, as this is the first time anyone has shown any interest with on of my film images! How much do I charge, what if they are not happy, ect, ect).

I'm curious. Would I be pushing the boundaries going to that size? I have it as an 8x10 and its OK, but as a 16x20, I'm not so sure. My preference is to sell it as an optical print, but at a pinch would go the dreaded hybrid work flow if needed.

Any advice would be welcome.