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Digital copying of movies? Which is what we were talking about.
What do you have to back up that claim?
Read the earlier posts. The motion picture industry's near wholesale move to digital distribution means that theatres receive hard drives of films.

That's thousands of copies distributed worldwide. The universal reason for doing so is cost. At one point it was less expensive to distribute cinema via reels. Now, it is in binary on magnetic disks. They would not do so if there was not a ROI on that institutional move.

The error rate of digital files is probably no better or worse than the error rate of jammed film or poorly developed film or negatives lost by the lab, all of which have happened to me. Analog is hardly a perfect system and has its own vulnerabilities. What I find interesting is that Kodak tried to be a part of this because they saw the commercial need, but management did not follow up. They tried to be part of the market BOTH for analog and digital preservation because both have their place.