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Pity, it seems that anything more then $20.00 would of scared them off. Everybody sees the online photoprinters prices and thinks that all a photo is worth.
To be honest, its cheap technology and to beat a dead horse, digital photography that have created this rock bottom market for sports prints.

I am not sure if people know this or not, but I run a forum for Motor sport photographers (www.catchfencephotos.net), which has quite a few mid level proís involved. There is one guy who has been doing it since the late 80ís. Back then, to make the cover of a magazine such as Auto Action in Australia was worth good money. Now, you would struggle to make $100. Iím also not talking some guy who owns a entry level DSLR with a kit zoom, but people who have invested heavily in things like 1Dís and long primes.

Granted, though, there is one member on my forum (who was co-incidentally a specator at the time!), who did make a lot of money out of 1 sequence of pictures that featured heavily in mainstream mediaÖ.but that is the exception, not the rule.

Getting back to the subject at hand, I was looking at my setup last night and think I could just do 16x20ís. I have 3 16x20 trays, which covers off the processing (I love ĎI have some old darkroom stuff Ė do you want ití deals). Iíd just need somewhere to hold the print while I clean a tray for washing, or I would need to get a bigger sized tank for the jobo. As for easels, I had considered making a fixed size one out of MDF, so it wouldnít take me much to kit up. The only other thing I havenít checked is whether the enlarger would actually go that high!, but there are ways and means to get this done as well.