While I agree that Kodak comprehensively stuffed up their digital play, I think it's a bit harsh to condemn them for not going on with digital SLRs. They made the 14n and thereby demonstrated that such an instrument could be manufactured by tacking extra bits onto existing film cameras and more importantly, showed that there was a market for the product. Having done that, Canon and Nikon were destined to write the next chapter for no better reason than they were SLR camera makers and Kodak was not (IDN for sure but has Kodak ever made SLRs other than the Retina Reflex, the Instamatic Reflex and the 14n ?).

Also, I don't think that even if Kodak could have made SLRs that challenged the Japanese brands it would not have made much difference to their position today because the real damage was done firstly by consumer level cameras, phone cameras and the associated loss of consumable sales - not SLRs. As others have said, a lost opportunity for Kodak was that it apparently failed to fully exploit its CCD sensor technology before it was superceded. OzJohn