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Several recent posts have touched on the fact that a source for new view camera hardware is difficult to locate. Someone must be making it though. Does anyone know an actual source for view camera hardware like knurled brass knobs, sliding locking plates, and so on?

I wrote Ron Wisner once about selling parts such as these but he failed to reply. Does anyone know where such camera manufacturers source their parts or if some other manufacturer or camera repair person might sell such hardware to us DIY folks in a limited quantity? Thanks for any info. Joe
** Be reasonable, Ron Wisner has had a hard run to get his business up to where it is today, he makes all his own parts 'in house' to keep his costs down, ( or to help make some money ). The Camera business is NOT very profitable .
If you want the satisfaction of D I Y then you have to make your own !!
Sorry to be a wet blanket, Cheers Barrie B.